Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Update

Yesterday I launched "Miki and Sir" (see the link on the left side bar), a writing and art project. I am not 100% sure what audience I am going for, but I am going to try and keep it child friendly as well as hopefully amusing to all age levels that encounter it. The first story arc is mapped out and partially sketched and I hope to update at least once a week. I still do not have my own scanner though... so we will see.

My other project, Tam-a-lyn, stems from my last entry's frustration.  For this story I am NOT fighting the urge to switch mediums and writing styles, instead I am scrap-booking my creative process on the fly. So far this is mostly for myself and I am not ready to share the story publicly, we'll see later down the road I guess.

Yesterday I also tweaked the layout here and at the art blog so that the links outward are less boring and easier to navigate. Apparently the twitter gadget stopped working- I will try and fix this later.

The last project I am working on is my Christmas cards. :)

That is all.