Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favorites

  1. Goodreads Really, this is a truly awesome website. Not only can I keep tabs on my own reading, and those of some of my friends, but one of my all time favorite authors (Tamora Pierce!) updates with her reading and reviews fairly often. She's not the only one! Felicia Day (perhaps best known for her webseries "The Guild") has supplied me with many "to-reads" based off her reviews, as does Jessica Day George (author of "Dragon Slippers," a series I fell in love with this past winter.) For my reads, click HERE.
  2. Annie's Mac'n'Cheese, 'nough said. 
  3. Getting mail. I love getting letters and packages! I love sending letters and packages. For the past three years my pen pal list has grown from one to six or seven. Whenever I can manage it, I like to be home when the mail comes so I can open whatever comes for me right away. 
  4. Autumn. I can tell it is close because suddenly I am craving the scent of nutmeg and digging more plaids than usual out of my closet. The weather is at last cooling down to something tolerable (though that might just be the coming hurricane?) and layering is once more not only practical, but fun. Back to School sales mean that my favorite notebooks (college ruled, marble) are not only in stock, but inexpensive. Everything has this glorious new feeling. Time to start fresh and learn new things. I do not even know for certain if I am going back to school this fall. It does not matter, autumn is autumn. 
  5. New notebooks. Is there really anything better than that first page feeling? "This one is going to be a novel, for real this time!" Inevitably, a grocery list or phone message will get in there eventually, but for the first few pages there is nothing but possibilities. :) 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday

  1. I want a corgi. I don't like dogs, but I like corgis.
  2. I really ought to start updating this blog more.
  3. Libraries are magical things. 
  4. Kentucky derby hats are highly amusing and a great way to waste time on Google Image Search. 
  5. I should probably get back to work now.