Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coming Soon:

- Actual, regular entries!
- Inspiration posts (images, music and quotes that are keeping me going)
- Outfit posts (mostly for "Retro Night" at the local roller rink come summer time, but also other misadventures in getting dressed)
- The NEW office! (I got moved to a more different cubical and it is amazing/has a wall)
- Attempts at being arts-and-craftsy. I LOVE crafts, but in most cases I am laughably too impatient to master anything.
- Attempts at being musical. Mostly with Little Mama Cass, my blue ukulele, but also with my piano keyboard and voice. :) Sometimes with Joanna and other special guests. (These will be video or audio posts... not sure which.)
- Fan art Fridays. (Because I do not want to put any more fan art on the art blog... but cannot stop drawing Sailor Moon.)

Anything else you lot want to see up here? I don't know WHEN exactly I will start posting more, but definitely by May.


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