Sunday, May 8, 2011

Projects in Progress~!

This is the last week of my Kickstarter campaign for "Miki and Sir"- we are very close to the goal too! Please check it out!

Starting in on a quilt! I am not the best sewist/seamstress ever, but I have been wanting a lighter quilt for my be for some time. This also means shifting room decor around said blanket (so maybe, maybe I will put my Christmas stuff away. We'll see!) Expect photos of the process~!

Speaking of decor: I am slowly making my cube my own. Expect photos for this as well!

I have started using again. I really love the community over there, even if I am not strictly an anime/manga artist any more. No one over there seems to mind, actually! Anyways, I am doing a lot of Art Trades over there and some of them have and others WILL pop up on the art blog as well!

Playing with formatting for a story that has been a long, long time in the works. :) Ideas and such will probably show up here!

Summer reading goals: 50 books (of chapter book/novel length) and actually say something about each one.

Knitting! I finally learned how to knit and am thinking of expanding my scarf collection this summer so they will be ready for every possible outfit I come up with in the fall/winter. (As well as some for gifts... but I am mostly selfishly motivated here.)

Roller blading! There is a retro night at the local roller rink. Dressing in 80s/retro styles gets two people in for the prices of one. As such: the 80s are making a comeback in my clothing. DIY leg warmers and Flash Dance sweatshirts are on the horizon... as are side ponytails, scrunchies and other fun stuff. Photos of crafts and of fun times at the rink will be posted!

So yeah, finally really using this blog!

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